Fruit growing

Fruit growing is increasingly responding to quality, environmental and profitability demands.

These crops require particular care in relation to warding off pests which pose a particular risk to fruits and trees.

The main pests in relation to fruits are carpophagous insects, leaf rollers, leafminers, yponomeuta, borers and flies.

ARBORICULTUREThe trees affected

  • Apricot trees
  • Almond trees
  • Blackcurrant bushes
  • Cherry trees
  • Chestnut trees
  • Quince trees
  • Raspberry plants
  • Redcurrant bushes
  • Walnut trees
  • Peach trees
  • Pear trees
  • Apple tress
  • Plum trees
  • Rosaceae

Bioprox pheromones help you to control these fruit pests both responsibly and effectively.