The original model was developed by a group of INRA researchers at the Bordeaux Zoological Station.This trap enables pheromone capsules to be used under conditions providing optimal effectiveness for the various species of Lepidoptera harmful to crops.It is easy to use and comes with its assembly instructions printed on the back of the trap.It can be reused over several years, but must be used for capturing the same pest.It is used with small glued plates.


  • One trap per unit
  • Box of 3 traps and 9 plates
  • Specific packaging on request
  • Small glued plates: An indivisible package containing 10 small plates

Designed for large-scale capturing of insect pests or for large butterflies, it is used with a solution of water and wetting agent or yellow glued strips adapted to its bucket shape.This trap can be reused after cleaning it for several years, but always for capturing the same pest.


    • One trap per unit + 3 glued strips
YELLOW PLATE (Chromatic trap)

Biological control.The yellow glued plates attract most parasitic insects.The color yellow is optimal for capturing the maximum number of harmful insects whilst reducing attracting beneficial insects.
For example, the yellow frequencies used do not attract bees.It is very effective for crops grown in greenhouses.Packaging:

  • 20 plates per packet
  • Size: 20 x 25 cm